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For fleets of all types and sizes

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We’ve got your fleets charging needs covered
  • Safe

    Through AUTEL industry-leading battery health management system and built-in safety features, our EV chargers ensure your charging environment is safe and secured.

  • Efficient

    Our EV charger and charging module has industry-leading high efficiency, max. efficiency is over 95%. Our failure rate is much lower than the industry average which will help to reduce the fleet operation costs up to 35%.

  • Fast

    With maximum power of 450kW, our ultra-fast EV charger is designed to shorter the charging time and increase fleets’ operation efficiency.

EV Chargers for Fleets
  • MaxiCharger AC Wallbox

    Smart AC charger for residential. Safe, fast, and reliable.

    • 1 hour of charging = Up to 120 km(75 miles)
    • Max. charging power = 22 kw per connector
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  • MaxiCharger DC Wallbox

    Smart DC Wallbox. Efficient, reliable, and low noise.

    • 1 hour of charging = Up to 120 km(75 miles)
    • Max. charging power = 20kw per connector
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  • MaxiCharger DC Fast 60-240 kW

    Designed for quick, convenient charging of all electric vehicle models.

    • 20 mins of charging = Up to 444 km
    • Max. charging power = 240 kw
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  • MaxiCharger High Power 360 kW/480 kW

    Ultra fast charger ideally suited for highway corridor and EV fleet operations.

    • 15 mins of charging = Up to 450 km
    • Max. charging power = 350 kW
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Charging Management Made Easy

Easy, intelligent, and insightful. Our charging management software lets you track and manage EV charging right from your smartphone or computer.

  • Mobile APP
  • Charging Management Software (Web)
Installation and Support
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  • Installation Service

    Installation Service
    On-site Commissioning
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  • Warranty Service

    Rapid on-site Intervention
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