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Charging Management Software

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MaxiCharge Mobile App

Use our charging APP to track, manage, and optimize EV charging at your location.

  • Optimize your EV charge routine to complement your lifestyle & energy tariff. Start, stop, schedule charging remotely.
  • Receive notifications when charging is completed.
  • Control your smart home charging unit via the MaxiCharge app.
  • Track your EV battery health while charging.

MaxiCharge Charging Management Software

Use our charging management software to track, manage, and optimize EV charging at your location.


  • Station Management

    Remotely control your stations, see their status, adjust technical configurations, push updates and more.

  • Driver Management

    MaxiCharge allows you to fully manage your drivers and your charge cards.

  • Smart Charging

    Create charging schedules and manage your stations energy consumption. Whether it is to limit grid capacity or fluctuating energy prices, you have full control.

  • e-Roaming

    Manage roaming partners via Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) connections including connections to charging networks and eMobility service providers (eMSP).

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