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AUTEL Intelligent Power

Green Energy
Powers the Future

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MaxiCharger AC Wallbox

Residential | Workplace | Commercial Parking | Car Workshop

60 mins

Charging Time

40 km


7.4 kW

11 kW

22 kW

More Secure

World First Triple Protection Technology, Safe Charging

  • Charger+Cloud BMS+VCI triple protection, real-time big data analysis, and multiple safety pre-warning, ensuring the charging environment is safe
  • Health charging mode to prevent overcharge and increase battery safety
  • EV battery real-time status monitoring to prevent thermal runaway

Long Lasting

Intelligent Battery Diagnostic Technology, Longer Battery Life

  • Longer battery life up to 20% by using our industry leading AI algorithm
  • EV battery protection through health charging mode

More Reliable

IP65 Protection,
Fits for Extreme Weather

  • IP65 protection from dust, oil, and water. Perfect fit for outdoor applications.
  • Excellent design of cooling system, extremely low failure rate
  • No derating between -40°C ~ +55°C at 22 kW full power operation

More Convenient

Easy to Install,
Easy to Maintain

  • Finish installation within 8 minutes without opening the back panel
  • Modular design, easy to maintain
  • Firmware update through our MaxiCharge software
Service and Support
  • Technical Support
  • Installation
  • Warranty
  • Charging Management Software

    Use our charging management software to track, manage, and optimize EV charging at your location.

    • Station Management
    • Driver Management
    • Smart Charging
    • E-roaming
  • Worry-free Service

    Our worry-free service includes:

    • On-site Consulting
    • Installation
    • Technical Support
    • Training

Product Features

  • Intelligent Battery Diagnostic Technology

  • Built-in Safety

  • Compatible with every electric vehicle

  • Cover major charging standards

  • IP65 protection from water and dust

  • Weatherproof, perfect fit for outdoor applications

  • Connect to MaxiCharge Mobile App to track, manage, and optimize EV charger anywhere and anytime

  • Remote Firmware Update and Troubleshooting

  • Worry-free Service

Technical Specification

  • Product information

    • Charging type

      Mode 3 charging

    • Input/output power rating and current

      Single-phase up to 7.4 kW/32 A; Three-phase up to 22 kW/32 A

    • Protection

      Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, ground fault including DC residual current protection, integrated surge protection

    • Input/output voltage

      230 V ±15%, single phase; 400 V ±15%, three phase 50 Hz

    • Network type

      TT, TN

  • General characteristics

    • IP and IK rating

      IP65; IK08

    • Operating altitude

      2,000 m

    • Operating temperature range

      -40°C ~ +55°C

    • Storage temperature range

      -40°C ~ +85°C

    • Mounting

      Wall or floor using a pedestal

    • Dimensions(H×W×D)

      336×187×85 mm

  • User interface

    • Status indication


    • User Interface

      MaxiCharge app; MaxiCharge service software

    • Connectivity

      4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

    • Communication protocols

      OCPP 1.6J

    • User authentification

      App, RFID card, QR code

  • Software update

    • Software update

      OCPP 1.6J, APP or web portal

  • Certification and standards

    • Safety standards

      IEC/EN 61851-1, EN 62311, EN 62479, IEC/EN 62955

    • Certification

      CE, TUV

    • Warranty

      36 months

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